mascara 101, day 4

it's halloween, but i'm not sporting orange mascara. or a witch's hat. or a kitty on my shoulder (i tried that this morning, but alphie only made it halfway down the hallway). i am, though, wearing cargo's texaslash mascara today. yee-hah! this one's got big bristles, and you know what they say about a wand with a big end! yeah, it clumps. luckily i had a dry eyebrow brush to carefully wipe away the mini-mascara boulders. with it's red state moniker, i was hoping texaslash would make me look just like those young pipsqueaks on cmt's dallas cowboy cheerleaders show, granting me perky boobs, sparkling teeth, and a can-do-even-when-totally beaten-down-by-two-way-over-the-hill-and-facially-reconstructed-den-mother-types attitude, all with the swivel of the brush. but it didn't. but if it could, it'd sell like hotcakes. think about it cargo. just think about it.

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