in this economy, don't pare back on pears!

last week i received an email from tuttifoodie, an email service for foodies. i almost canceled awhile back when they dedicated an entire email to how to take care of and then eat your own garden snails, but i didn't want to be rash. most of their veggie-friendly recipes turn out wonderfully... i sent an email complaint and got a very nice reply, and i've been a happy tuttifoodie peep every since.

this most recent email spotlighted their new personals service for food lovers and likers. the first batch of personals were semi-entertaining, but the best part about the email was the image. trying to hide my computer screen while staring at it perplexed, i couldn't decide if these pears looked more like a soft, sensual derriere or a pair of puppies popping right out of a scarlett johansson period film. either way, fruit is fun! so remind your kids and friends to eat up.

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