mascara 101, day 5

last time i checked, venom was topher grace slathered in coal black latex, but now he's been turned into a mascara! ok, this isn't spidey sense in a tube. it's DuWop's lash venom mascara, to be precise. i've tried DuWop's lip venom before, and my lips looked for minutes like they had met a hive of bees. then they deflated and resembled ill-placed clownish lipstick. thankfully, lash venom is a not-so-clumpy mascara with a skinny brush, and there's no stinging. the results were ok, but i wouldn't rush out and buy this stuff. now, you're probably thinking, becca, what's up with THREE images today? well, i couldn't get the right and left sides looking equal. on the right side, my lashes sort of "fell" while the left kept that butterfly-wing-lifted look. look, eyelashes, you're going to be my test subjects. grow up and deal. resistence is futile.

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