mascara 101, day 6

today's eyelashes are brought to you by the colors red, white, and blue (eventhough this mascara is black). korres deep colour mascara is natural, containing no leads or cancer-causing ingredients. skin deep gives this mascara a 3 out of 10, which means painting my lashes with korres is safer than with most other mainstream mascaras. it's also safer than if my lashes smoked, and funny enough, i think they looked pretty smoking this morning, but in a good-for-me sort of way.

korres offers a large, spongey brush, and i liked how the tip tapered to get my small inner lashes and bottom ones. on my way to the polls, i felt like the mascara took a little longer to dry than normal, but the result was worth it. they're feathery and pretty:)

too bad my pictures aren't great. i think the election excitement caused me to forget to adjust the white balance... but you get the picture.

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