mascara 101, day 7 (plus 1)

yesterday and today, i've been wearing smashbox's bionic mascara. thankfully, this mascara doesn't attach robot parts to my lashes!

the brush is plump, but the mascara doesn't gloop. it went on smoothly, and i didn't have to do more than one or two coats to get a nice even and full look. another big plus is that the mascara came off pretty easily with my all natural eye makeup remover and warm water. the too faced mascara from earlier on came off in tiny pieces, and the korres started to rub off by my bus ride home. this one made it through 9 hours of work and an hour at the gym with a whisper. bionic also has a low score at skin deep (a 3, equal to korres), but there are some potential cancer causing ingredients here. another plus: smashbox doesn't test on animals!

as todd worked from home yesterday, i employed him to whip out the big camera and snap away at my eyes. my canon definitely shoots better than the little panasonic, but the mascara really does seem to have more potential than most of the others!

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