dino might

early this morning, i saw this headline on the chronicle's website.

i work in soma (aka south of market district), and late night fights, brawls, and broohahas aren't too surprising. we've got streetside peeing, afternoon window smashing, and every now and then, a few very happy meth addicts selling gummy watches and god. so a fist fight isn't too out there in my book. but a fight about dinosaurs? or even better, with dinosaurs? this intrigued me. until i looked below the headline...

the scientists at the cell biology conference are starting the war on theories. if you want to win, you'd better bring it, nerds. none of this spring break in fort lauderdale crap. dinosaurs are serious stuff, man. i should know. we went to see the dinosaur exhibit every year or so back in elementary school, and the day glo paint and plastic flora knocked it home that those mighty beasts rocked this planet way back in the day. so bring it. pocket protector is optional.

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