a-line, aline, a lean, align.

last week, i debated between a matte jersey knit dress and a poufy skirt for holiday events. putting both items on hold, i contemplated overnight, returned to re-try both items, and eventually succumbed to the dress.

[separately, thank you macy's, for a special 30% off just about everything day, but please advise your associates that the sale and the additional 20% off for re-opening my macy's credit card does NOT equal 50% off my purchase. i think it's time to retool your sales 101 curriculum.]

later that evening, i told todd about the foiled skirt. it wasn't really a-line shaped (see image), and had too much material in the hips. obviously, after one wear, i'd hate it and never wear it again. his response? "of course you need an a-line* skirt! it's your middle name."

* my middle name is aline (al-lean). sigh.

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