brain ooze

i'm having a mental writer's block. it may be from the 5 hours of sleep i got last night. or the 90-min conference call w/225 people this morning at 8am. or the realization that in 8 hours, i'll be boarding a plane to portland for 3 days in the oregon cold.

we went to portland for the first time back in september, and i loved it. it's not san francisco, but still, it's probably my second favorite town in the U.S. in memory of our last (and much warmer) visit, here are my three favorite portland finds:

we tried the dragonfruit drink, which was light, slightly sweet, and filled with little pieces of dragonfruit pulp.

we see some odd combinations here in SF, but subs and bentos? all in one? is the bento box carved out of the hoagie bread?

sold alongside fine soaps and lotions in the pearl district.

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