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in his new budget plan, the governator is trying to add sales tax to veterinary services (in addition to appliance repair, vehicle repair, and golf). From The California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) recent action alert:

Governor Schwarzenegger recently announced his plans to add a sales tax on veterinary services as part of his budget plan to stimulate the California economy. This was part of a larger combination of program cuts and revenue increases to solve the multi-billion dollar budget shortfall. It is particularly disturbing that veterinary services were included with “appliance and furniture repair, vehicle repair and golf.” All of the other healing arts professions were excluded from the sales tax proposal.

if my healthcare or your kid's pediatrician's visit isn't taxed, then why should my cat's bloodwork for a chronic thyroid condition be? and when we have so many animals being surrendered to shelters, do we really want to increase companion's costs of housing an animal? what's next, stealing money from kids? oh wait... never mind. vet taxes seem pretty low and dirty, though, on the part of our strong, able-bodied, and well skiied leader.

so what can you do about it?
1. send a well worded message to arnie and your representatives via the Humane Society's website.


2. call the governor's office at 916.445.2841.
-select your language choice.
-press "5″ to leave your opinion on a current issue.
-press "1″ to select the issue of extending the sales tax to veterinary services.
-press "2″ to "oppose" the veterinary services tax proposal.

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