special forces

we stopped by café gratitude for a quick bite last week. on the way out, i stopped to look at the attractive display of olive oils and plates in the retail section (i'm a sucker for all things sea salt, organic, and/or artisan), and todd proceeded to the register to pay.

: do you want to answer the question of the day?
todd: sure.
h: what makes you special?
t: oh, there are too many good things to count.
h: good answer!
(i wandered in from the back room)
becca: what did I miss?
h: do you want to answer the question of the day?
b: ok!
h: what makes you special?
b: all the people around me.
h: hmmm. yeah.
(todd and i head out the front door)
b: todd, what was your answer?
(silence. total crickets.)
t: um... not that one.

did you read that closely (notice the proper usage of the adverb! love your modifiers, and they’ll love you back)? i gave credit to everyone in my life with making me who i am today, and todd pretty much credited himself with tons of infinite specialness. on the way home, i called him on it. who wears the special pants now, mister?

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