this way up

this morning, i hopped into the elevator in the lobby, and there was already someone in it. i expected him to get out (as the lobby is our lowest floor), but he didn't. i hit the button for the 5th floor, and the 3rd floor was also illuminated. the elevator stopped at the second floor, but nobody got off. or on.

becca: is this your stop?
random guy: no.
b: but were you here a minute ago? did you push the up button?
rg: yes. i wanted to go up, so i got in, but the elevator went down.
b: did you notice if the down arrow lit up before you got in?
rg: arrows? i don't know these things. i pushed the buttons [yes, he pushed the buttons.], the doors opened a few minutes later. but the elevator went down. i don't get it.
b: does this happen to you a lot?
rg: actually, yes.
[and he exited when we reached the 3rd floor.]

with this in mind:

dear career counselors, recruiters, and people lacking vital life experiences,

life skills are important. without them, people may remain stuck in elevators for life. and never realize why. there are only so many lost souls i can help.


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