25 things about my 29 years

this "25 random things about me" questionnaire is sweeping through facebook like the rhinovirus at work. basically, you waste 30 minutes trying to come with random things about yourself out of thin air. it's hard, and my brain suffered from it.

twenty-five random things about me

25. My favorite number is 8. Anytime I pull a number out of my butt, like “I spent x minutes waiting for the bus” or “I read this paper x times today, and it still doesn’t make any sense,” I round up to the nearest 8. like 18. or 18,000, or 780. The number 8 makes me feel better, maybe because it’s a continuous loop. and i am quite loopy.

24. I love medium to big dogs, but can’t stand tiny ones. Sorry, but if my cat can beat up your pooch, we’ve got a problem.

23. Up until about a year ago, when I invested in 4 pairs of great sneakers, my shoe collection consisted of 90% black shoes.

22. I’ve broken 3 bones in my body: my left arm in kindergarten (some boy didn’t want me to be the first to climb the ladder and get into the playground house, so he used his 5-year-old manpower and heaved me over the side), my nose (either from a superman bicycle accident or from police in riot gear at a protest against the US’s invasion of Iraq), and my kneecap (freak pothole incident two+ years ago).

21. I’m a vegetarian for animal rights reasons.

20. My hair is naturally curly, and I wear it this way 3 days or so of each week. But almost every time, without fail, at least one colleague exclaims, “You got a perm! How cuuuuuuuuute!”

19. I worked in a music library for a summer, and couldn’t go a day without sneezing uncontrollably. It was then I realized sheet music and I don’t mix. But it gave me great reasons to yell, "oh sheet!"

18. Around age 12, I begged my parents to let me go to a dance camp in upstate New York for the summer. I then bawled my eyes out for 6 weeks straight. This is the same girl that happily moved across the country upon college graduation.

17. I’ve never cut myself with a knife, but this past weekend I sliced my finger with frozen spaghetti squash.

16. Back in elementary school, I was a huge Star Trek: The Next Generation fan. So big in fact, that I can now watch about 2 minutes of any episode and tell you exactly what that episode is about.

15. I bake for professional baseball players.

14. I have never visited Tahoe or Yosemite.

13. I haven’t ridden a bicycle since accident in #22.

12. I’ve been taking public transportation for 7 ½ years. The only time I drive is when traveling for work or going home to Florida, and I don’t miss it one bit. Well, except for the drive up/down A1A where you can put your windows down, poke your head out like a dog, and smell the salty ocean.

11. I could spend a whole week reading books and be very, very happy.

10. I have never stolen anything.

9. In grad school, I subtly threatened to sue the university for non-delivery of advertised master's program.

8. I have worked for two major ballet companies (Boston Ballet and San Francisco Ballet).

7. I’m running out of non-interesting things about me. fine. i went to space camp. and besides the underwater base camp building exercise, i loved it.

6. I carried a teal green beeper in high school.

5. My first car was a teal green mustang (to match the beeper, of course).

4. I can’t drink caffeinated coffee anymore without getting shakes. Back when I worked 12-hour days in Boston for a summer, I drank two large Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffees (with hazelnut syrup) every day. Then Todd made me stop because I was way to focused and “on crack.” Ever since, whenever I try and drink just a little bit, I get shakes and heart palpitations like crazy. It’s decaf or nothing for me now.

3. I can’t file things for the life of me; piles or one giant inbox are the way to go.

2. I hate crosswords, scrabble, and word games. I’m really more of an analytic type of girl. My GRE scores confirmed this.

1. I’m practical, yet idealistic. I love to hug trees, and one day one will hug me back.

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