missed piggy

i'm baaaaack! sun, sand, and tons of humidity made my mind go all fuzzy, but now that my tan is starting to slowly fade, it's time to get back into my regular routine.

this fax arrived at work today. we often receive travel and "special one-time-only deals" spam via the fax, but this one, i think, really tops them all, mainly because it's totally ludicrous but real.

the fax advertises a conference on how to react to and deal with a potential second wave of swine flu. for just under $2,000, this school principal (that's who the fax is directed toward; seems the company's database isn't up-to-date) could spend two days (minus transportation, meals, hotel, incidentals, etc.) learning about how to deal with swine flu, including the disease's pyschological issues, medical waste concerns, and border health services. i understand that conferences cost money and this topic may be relevant to a wide range of fields including department of defence and public health employees, but marketing something like this to schools, and during this economy? and using words like "fatal" once, "mass fatality" once, and "pandemic" three times just seems like new-fields, the conference coordinator, is abusing the current state of affairs.

open the images in new tabs or click on them for the full size versions.

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