photo finish

recently, i spent a few minutes clearing out my camera phone images. just like i can't stand the thought of traditional filing (i'm way too fond of piles, cluttering the floor of my closet, and leaving things out in the open where i'll best remember them), i can't just delete these old, useless, reference-less photos without letting them fulfill their photographic destiny.

like this tourist guy and his wife/girlfriend/best friend with benefits. yes, the weather in SF is temperamental, but no matter what, guys should never ever wear capris. they'll make your legs look short and your ass huge, while drawing attention to your sparkling white sneakers and socks. the matching shirts aren't helping, either...

we have a local farmers' market every sunday just down the street (just about six blocks east!) and it's started hosting unpaid performers. on this particular sunday, we had a three-piece band who played strapped into this banana/monkey painting.

this is the same pub that offered hand maid burgers. i've never seen franch fries, but maybe they're french fries covered in ranch dressing?

along the embarcadero, there are these 2 1/2 foot high, 6 inch wide white boxes. all they say are the text above. um... thanks prop. k for using my tax dollars to create this empty, useless white box. bravo.

walking up 3rd street toward my bus after work one day, this guy was in front of me, walking pretty slowly... for some strange reason, i decided to turn off 3rd and take a more circuitous route.

if you have an interest in working in the visa, copy, and ax business, then we're the employer for you! the ideal shop assistant must be able to work long, dark, and dangerous nights and lift body bags filled with up to 200 lbs. of "shredded copy paper." an interest in international wood chopping is optional.

for three days, this bus shelter's bus prediction readout didn't list which bus was coming when. all transit riders got were estimated arrival times without the bus lines attached.

this is the penis tree. or really, the orange dildo tree. at the end of august, someone's arts and craft collective covered a few trees in the panhandle with life-size orange dildos. i had nothing to do it with. i swear.

last but not least, todd and i witnessed a car break-in on fell last sunday night and shortly after reporting it, we got to ride along with the cop and look for the bad guy. we came up empty, but date night sure was exciting!

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