give me down-to-there hair

yesterday, i decided to sleep in a little and wear my hair curly to work. the extra 20 min. of sleep came back to bite me in the ass when, upon getting into the elevator at work, my former boss looked at me and said, "oh, are those little ringlets natural? they're so cuuuuuuuuuuute!" i like my job a ton and don't know what i'd do without it, so i fought back the urge to comment on how her highlights nicely disguise her growing number of gray hairs. instead, i told her that i accidentally stuck my finger in a light socket before coming to work.

but the whole thing got me thinking: is cute what i want to be? do i want to be cute or just have cute hair? is there anything wrong with being cute? or is it something, like khaki cargo pants, better left relegated to casual friday?

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Anonymous said...

people who poke fun at "cute" curly hair really wish they had beautiful natural curls. Don't fall for their comments.