but can i give him alka seltzer?

yesterday, we took da' kat, who was squinting his left eye up a storm (either there's something in his eye or he was really happy to see me!), to the weekend emergency vet. after everything else that's happened with him, i'd rather be safe than sorry... an hour later, we boarded a 43 bus home with an optional tube of eye ointment (should his eye get worse) and minus $143.

last night, alphie spit out some wild sneezes (but these kitty sneezes were cute! ack-cheeeuu! ack-cheeeuu!), so this morning, after whipping out the iron for my pants and a shirt of todd's, i attacked the bathroom with scrubbing bubbles; followed by bleaching the mold on the kitchen window; cleansing the stove top, kitchen counters, and window frames; and dusting most of the furniture. then i vacuumed most of the apartment, all before 8:30AM. sounds all noble and inspiring, right? but now i'm starving, and i have an uncommon urge to windex my office windows...

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