she's got legs

thanks to lindsay lohan, the legging craze is still going strong. dear god, if i had a brick wall near by right this very second, i'd be introducing my forehead to it over and over and over again... i don't understand the whole leggings-as-pants thing. tight that go under things: sure, love 'em. ankle-length leggings don't really hurt anyone except the short and stumpy... but leggings worn as pants, well, perhaps this might illustrate my issue.

fringe leggings, people. $420 fringe leggings. it's like betsy johnson got inspired seeing drunken flappers throwing up all over a bolt of spandex. if you wear these, how do you deal with camel toe? thong show through? and oh, i don't know, your pride.

p.s. it's possible that not all leggings, worn in pants form, are horrid. all i ask is that you prove it.

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