toe-ing the line

this weekend, i surveyed zappos for wedding shoes. since we're having a garden-setting wedding, i'd prefer shoes without spiky heels, and as todd's got about 8 inches on me, some kind of vertical lift would be nice! entering "white" and "wedge" into the search bar brought up hundreds of (surprisingly tame) options, with these four popping out with the not-quite-what-i-had-in-mind-but-cool/odd/eek factor.

i seriously love these shoes from gwen stefani's l.a.m.b. clothing brand, but i detest the $260 (on sale from $329) price tag.

um. no. just no. but on a whim, can you guess what zappos insists these guiseppe zanotti wedges retail for?

these angel stompers are by vivienne westwood, and i can only assume they're made with the cracked-out bride in mind. i'm not [planning to be] one of them.

if i were getting married in the rain or across the border, these would be at the top of my list! no, really. i'm serious. dead serious.

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Matt K said...

My vote is for the Gwen Stefani shoes... Those are cool and will also help with that vertical lift