first comes love, then comes...

i'm getting really bad at blogging. i think the wedding is taking over my brain like catnip does to alphie! i've been keeping a running list in my head of things todd might one day be thankful for regarding my nature, outlook, and bridal style. for instance:

1) i think my big redneck wedding is a rad tv show (is it canceled? i really miss it. it sure beats bridezillas--which i refuse to link to. if you don't know what a bridezilla is, let alone there's a show all about them, get out from under your rock now!--for shear entertainment factor.), i don't ever want to have an actual redneck wedding. camo tuxes, a hay-spitting* bridal party (where my sister supplies the hay!), a beer can chuppah, and post-i-do mud wrestling are not at the top of my getting-hitched schedule of events. the only red neck should be on the long-lost family member who forgets to re-apply sunscreen.

2) i'm anti-poofy/fluffy/frilly. such things will only be found under the dress or at the nearby quinceaƱera. thankfully, the mission is a short distance away, so if someone is screaming for a lace-filled afternoon full of meringue, i can easily point you in the right direction.

3) my shoes. i have two options, and i'm working on breaking in both ahead of time so he doesn't have to drag me, my dress, and a magnum of champagne (oh, ok, sparkling wine) around for 4+ hours. instead, he'll probably just have to resort to this for the last 60 minutes or so.

4) i love modern dance, but i recognize that there's a time and place for interpretive dance, and it's not going to be at our reception. jazz hands, though, are acceptable and encouraged. fosse!

5) my willingness to go the extra mile. sure, an email to jon stewart to be our officiant hasn't been returned (yet), but it's the thought that counts, right?

*after some hemming and hawing, i've decided hay-spitting, when used an as adjective, should be hyphenated. if you have a problem with that, too bad.

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