do me a favor

with a few minutes to kill this morning, i took a gander at wedding favors. i have something in mind, but thought, hey, maybe i could find something better. only i came across:

hmm. a match made is heaven, yes. a wedding reception burnt to the ground, no.

votive or shot glass? if i have to ask, the answer is nyet.

a wedding dress candle is only appropriate for the bride jilted at the alter. now, why is this a favor?

fairy lollipops: maybe spot-on for a same-sex wedding, but what are those ladies holding in their hands? i have a sneaky suspicion that the candy maker has more experience with personal magic wands than with ones spewing sparkly dust and magical properties. yep, i said spew.

i also came across a large selection of fake mustaches. possibly cute in small quantities, a dizzying event filled full of mustache-attached-to-dowel guests might become a hairy scene!

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