you a-muse me

oh, muse. your one-hit wonder song, uprising, is too catchy. case in point: v sucked the life out of life itself in its debut season--can't erica wash her hair? ever? or buy a jacket crafted sometime after 1991? i mean, really. what woman in her right mind wears a purple leather men's style blazer AND works for the FBI? that in itself is a matter of national security.-- yet your whiny, melodramatic wailing kept me hoping something would improve in the plot development between us gullible humans and the amphibious aliens. really a secret faction of aliens and humans working together is great, but they talk to each other via ping pong balls that, well, when activated, glow blue. blue balls are not our only hope, are they?

in fact, your song is so catchy that when watching the knight & day commercials, i almost sprinted to the computer, ready to plunk down $13 at the kabuki to see tom cruise smarm up the big screen. so thank you for not making it that good. or for having less scientological smarm than joey potter's couch-jumping husband. for that, i commend you.

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