i've been a very bad blogger recently, but i decided that posting all about the wedding wouldn't leave much in the way of surprise... plus, if things go wonky at the last minute, then i may have to work overtime to curb expectations. so for those coming to the wedding, expect cake, locally sourced (hetch hetchy) water, and some vow-ish stuff.

last month for the appeal, i shadowed joe goode performance group as they loaded in to the old mint for their monthlong performances of "traveling light." the staff were nice enough to let me tag along through a few rehearsals, camera in tow.

the few hours there proved that i have a lot to learn, mainly what in the world do all these buttons and knobs on my camera do!?!? but i think this is my favorite image from the afternoon, taken while some of the dancers soaked up vitamin d while lounging on the courtyard stage.


My second favorite image is this one (also black and white).


And here's a slideshow of the rest of the images (the good ones, of course).

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