not quite botox

thanks to dvr, we have a backlog of movies to watch. this weekend, we hit "play" with the intent to watch the horror flick "drag me to hell" starring one of todd's former high school classmates, alison lohman. we got about 1/5 of the way in before the creepy glass-eyed gypsy woman popped back up, forcing me to scream and grab todd's hand at the same time, all in some sort of movie-watching self-induced couch potato rage.

funny thing, my coordination is (at least that's what yoda would say). scream/shriek+grabbing SO's hand+whipping head away from creepy gypsy lady=my mouth meeting with todd's fist at an alarmingly speedy rate. this morning, my upper lip is still swollen from knocking it between his bony knuckle and my front teeth.

suffice it to say, we deleted the movie at the first mention of domesticated animal sacrifice. and i have yet to leave any more teeth marks anywhere. well, except for my lunch.

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