i see london, i see france

a few years ago, a neighboring tenant across the backyard started hanging his man things in his window. weekly, he'd put a pair of tighty whities up on a wooden board, and hang them in the sun, taking them down every week or so. then the board would be empty for a few days, and then the underpants would return. it's boggled me, but what could i do but glance elsewhere? honeymooning in belize gave me a great excuse to drink frozen, fruity beverages on a nightly basis. somewhere in there, i told todd that i wanted to get to the bottom (ha! get it?) of this fruit-of-the-loom caper. his bright idea: hang my panties in response. little did he know that two days upon our return, i would do exactly that.
so far, no reply. but i'm eagerly waiting with baited breath.

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