don't be a wimp.

we're heading to ohio next month for my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. todd and i arrive several hours before my mom, em, and their men handily in tow, and my grandmother was excited about our "alone time," wanting to take us to the air force museum. unfortunately (or maybe not), i reminded her that we went with them last february, and most likely nothing's really changed. unless they've retired the most recent air force one... thankfully she agreed that another 4-hour visit isn't necessary, and it now sounds like we're heading to ajanta for an indian (and mostly vegetarian) lunch buffet followed by a nap in some lovely yet sagging twin beds before a big dinner that night. but maybe, just maybe, we'll get to go to wympee's. i'm not sure why i want to go. i've never been in the 28+ years i've visited the great corn-producing state of ohio (or if i have, i don't remember much about it). and it wouldn't surprise me that they probably think a veggie burger is beef with tons of iceburg, tomato, and pickles piled atop. but something about the name just sounds right, sort of like whoopie goldberg's white, introverted, midwestern sister.


Anonymous said...

how arrogant you are to think an ohioan wouldn't know about a veggie burger- you must feel you are the most superior of all humans- may you learn humility to go with your hubris- and kindness to go along with your sense of superiority; i am a resident of cleveland, and find this state to be multi faceted in it's approach to opportunity; you are clearly a spoiled,self entitled young woman who needs to learn about others

Becca said...

It's interesting that your ISP originates in Miami. And you linked to my main page directly; perhaps we know each other. Could we be related per chance? As you've taken the time to read some of my blog, you'll notice that when visiting Ohio, I've always had lots of fun explaining what vegetarianism includes (or doesn't). I also make fun of myself and provide (albeit bad) humor regarding my life. So this was my attempt at a joke. Really, take a chill pill and learn how to use a period at the end of the sentence. But thanks for using the word hubris. I find it to be an underappreciated word.