you spin me round

lately, i've been standing at the bus stop, quietly upset that loads of people rush the back doors, muni threatens (yet thankfully doesn't approve) to raise monthly passes, and some of the bus lines may be cut or rerouted to be more "economical" (the 33-stanyan may cease to be my faithful ride from home to the castro and mission in the near future...) thanks to the ironically named "transit effectiveness project."

also, as of a few weeks ago, there were still "golden compass" posters in some of the bus shelter ad spaces (these are 6 months old). sure, i loved the movie, but it's over, guys. time to move on to iron man. or prince caspian. or indiana jones.

with all of this, there's no surprise that muni is still crying "poor me, poor me!" well, am i glad that clear channel finally went out and got some new fat-wallet ad sponsors! may my neighbors finally hear the call of the wild and go out and get some spinning lessons. finally, our bus system will be saved...

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